"[According to] Tom Sherak, the chairman of the 20th Century Fox Domestic Film Group, part of the News Corporation, 'Now that we edit on Avid, you can pull it right off. We try to watch it as closely as we can, but you can't watch everything.' Avid is a computer editing technology widely used in film and television." (Bootleg Videos: Piracy With a Camcorder, NY Times, July 7, 1997)


"MediaDefender was founded in 2000, introducing IPP (Internet Piracy Prevention) to the world."

"MediaDefender has been contracted by every major record label and every major movie studio, video game publishers, software publishers, and anime publishers."

"MediaDefender...has been called upon to testify in front of US Congress several times. MediaDefender has also partnered with law nforcement to crack down on internet child pornography rings."

"Decoying and Spoofing are the most commonly known techniques that we employ. We send blank files and data noise that look exactly like a real response to an initiated search requests for a particular title."

"Our industry leading Leak Team scours Newsgroups, Usenet, and BitTorrent sites to see what cracked/pirated content has most recently leaked." (http://www.mediadefender.com)

Fraunhofer Institute Prototype Watermark Tracking Technology

"Researchers at the Fraunhofer Integrated Publication and Information Systems Institute have successfully tested a software system, based on the group's own digital watermarking technology, for tracking pirated audio files in peer-to-peer file-sharing networks, says Michael Kip, a spokesperson for the institute." "The system lets content providers, such as music studios, embed a watermark in their downloadable MP3 files." "Fraunhofer envisions the prototype software as an application that content providers can install on their own servers for automatically monitoring P-to-P networks around the clock." (MP3 Inventor Develops Tool to Fight Piracy, IDG News Service, 9 February 2006).

YouTube unveils video piracy blocker, AP, 16 October 2007

"Online video leader YouTube on Monday rolled out long-awaited technology to automatically remove copyrighted clips..." "The filtering tools are designed so the owners of copyrighted video can block their material from appearing on YouTube, which has become a pop culture phenomenon in its two-year existence. They also give the owners of copyrighted video the option to sell ads around their material if they want the clips to remain available on YouTube." "YouTube now needs the co-operation of copyright owners for its filtering system to work because the technology requires copyright holders to provide copies of the video they want to protect so YouTube can compare those digital files to material being uploaded to its website."