Andrew Wong is a typical example of a respected local citizen active in a Chinese community in a major city anywhere around the world. Such a person likely has links to a neighborhood, regional, and/or national Chinese association. He is often well connected, with local governmental, political, cultural, and business contacts, including official representatives of the Chinese government. There is often more in the Chinese language than can be found in an English Google search. In the US, such a person might belong to the respected Committee of 100.
  • Wong helped facilitate funding by the UK Chinese Association for Chinese family members to visit the UK to accompany the remains of a family member back to China. "Mr Healey has also paid tribute to Andrew Wong from Sheffield's Chinese community. 'He has helped us deal directly with the family in China and the Chinese community's offer of financial help was crucial in getting the go-ahead.' (Visa go ahead for family of killed woman, The Star, 18 September 2006) (Agony Ends for Murder Victim's Family, South Yorkshire Times, 21 September 2006) The article also appears on the website of John Healey, Member of Parliament.
  • Wong founded the KINHON Project at the Sheffield Chinese Community Centre and was instrumental in getting started the first National Chinese Carers' Awards (Your Voice in Sheffield Mental Health, No 22, May/June/July 2002, pg 5) His volunteer activities with this group are listed on the Sheffield City Council website.