Key Members

Wan Kuok-Koi


The Triads As Business by Yiu Kong Chu


"According to Peter Gastrow, a researcher at the Institute for Security Studies in Pretoria, who has written widely on organized crime, four triads or gangs dominate the Asian underworld in South Africa and are known as the Wo Shing Wo group, San Yee On, 14K Hau and 14K-Ngai." "Pirated CDs and DVDs are another area of concern as part of an estimated $340 million trade in counterfeit goods, which police say is dominated by Chinese and Pakistani immigrants." Geoff Hill, The Washington Times


"On an international scale, Asian Organised Crime investigators said the 14K and their affiliates will use casinos around the globe for loan sharking, money laundering and a host of others signature organized crime activities."
"As for the 14K, a U.S. government study on the scope of Asian organized crime in Canada released last year said the Chinese Mafia gang is the fastest growing Triad group in Canada. 14K's global network has allowed it to steal credit card data from all over the world, including the United States and Canada, by installing magnetic recorders in credit card terminals, the U.S. report to Congress stated. The 14K has a well established cell in Toronto while individual chapters operate autonomously across North America." (Asian Pacific Post)

Human Trafficking

"Hong Kong based 14K triad seems to be linked to trafficking to Japan, but even those human trafficking operations seem to be partly run by other groups or networks formed of criminals from different ethnic backgrounds." (Interpol, 2000)

See "Snakehead Empress Who Made Millions Trafficking in Misery" (Guardian Unlimited, 6 July 2003) An article about Sister Ping and her human trafficking operation in Rotterdam.

Drug Trafficking

"The main producers and traffickers from Afghanistan to China are known to be the members of the Northern Alliance.69 What is more difficult to ascertain is who the smugglers are on the Chinese side. Most of the traffickers are believed to be the Chinese Triads such as the grouping named 14K, but also ethnic Chinese groups living outside China that are loosely connected to the Triads. The trafficking from
the Golden Triangle is conducted through effective cooperation between these Triads and militants, most importantly 14K, and the United Wa State Army (UWSA) and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA—Kokang Chinese)." (China's War on Narcotics, Silk Road Paper)